Corey's Design

Custom Artwork

Some more unreleased artwork from last year which I have gotten better since then and I wanted to show the improvement since then.

Red eye tetra

Custom Artwork

Here is some more unreleased artwork that I did last year I got alot of it but just some of I felt like they could be better. Also everything is draw out .



I cover I did a a while back this is the 3rd one but I’m show the first one as well.

Custom artwork

Some artwork that I did a while back but haven’t released.


My Recent Artwork/Favorites


A drawing I did for Christian and his girlfriend Xiomara recently which they appreciated.Mojo-2

Another drawing I did which is one of my 3 favorite characters from Scooby-Doo Zombie Island which this is Mojo.


Last but not least another drawing I did of Lonnie who is no longer here with us as a tribute.